Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Feet!

Sexy and healthy-looking feet are truly an asset. Buying and wearing fancy shoes are not enough and absolutely won't fake what the real condition of your feet is.

If you're dying to have a pair of feet that would make you look beautiful from head to toe, try these helpful steps:

Have a twice a month regimen. Pamper them. Have a footspa and get your nails done. You don't even have to go to a spa and pay. Do them yourself and save moolah. As to pedicure, if you're like me who can't do it efficiently, know someone who can do it for you without you cursing them inside during and after the process. Remember to coat your nails with light and dark shades of polish one after the other to prevent your nails to turn yellow.

Have at least two pairs of shoes and wear them alternately by day. This would prevent microorganisms from accumulating and therefore avoid you from having foot diseases.

I usually hear people saying don't sacrifice comfort over fashion but this just won't do with shoes. Shoes shoes shoes. They're really something girls go crazy about. It's definitely not easy to find comfortable stilettos but as much as you can, buy the most comfy ones.

Be beautiful from head to heel and have your man go head over heels about you.

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